The Community School in Nutley - AGES & STAGES - Nutley, NJ
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Ages and Stages  
It is our goal to help strengthen your children at each phase of their early development.
We are dedicated to meeting the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs of each child in our care. We nurture and teach children within the realm of their desires and abilities as we open up new horizons for them to explore.
Infants and Toddlers - This is the age of wonder and curiosity. Children get plenty of room and the materials they need to explore and discover the world around them. Colors, sizes, textures, shapes, lots of talking, singing and interaction with teachers helps these little ones move forward toward independence.
Two Year Olds- At this age, children need an understanding of what it means to be part of a group. Twos are introduced to sharing, taking turns, making friends and developing language. Coloring and painting strengthen fine muscles. The world is still new to twos and they love to explore everything. Being surrounded by reading and books shows twos that reading is fun!
Three Year Olds - During this stage you will see an explosion of language! We will begin concentrating on recognizing numbers and letters. Many threes will have mastered potty training and are climbing, jumping, hopping and getting around with ease! Children can dress themselves and are much better at making friends. Three year olds have big imaginations and love telling stories. We take full advantage of this by fostering language and including vocabulary-building in all aspects of the curriculum. Learning songs, rhymes and stories all add to a fun and enriching experience for our three year olds.
Four Year Olds - At four, we will take all the concepts your child has learned and build upon them. Each child's personality, talents and individuality will be apparent for all to see! This is the time to start preparing them for early reading skills. Children need to follow directions and have positive interactions with the peers they will soon join in kindergarten. 
Five Year Olds – Having to adjust to a routine when they enter elementary school will be a big challenge for our five year olds. Getting them ready with reading, math skills, science concepts and social interaction experience are all important parts of our five year old curriculum.